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Avoid Margarita Fever!

A relaxing vacation in the Caribbean is quite possibly one of the best activities in the world. Warm tropical sunshine, friendly faces, exotic cocktails, turquoise waters, and gleaming white sand. It’s not hard to understand why so many people near the end of their stay and decide to find a way to make a life here. With a huge ex patriot community, many already have.

But the reality of living in paradise is very different to a vacation. It is so easy to become overwhelmed with differences in currency, language, and culture. One of the most difficult tasks to negotiate is identifying and avoiding the smiling faces that disguise an ulterior motive. Sadly, many people become victim of ‘Margarita Fever’ and lose not only their dreams, but also a lot of their hard earned money in the process.

Originating from Mexico, ‘Margarita Fever’ is a term used to describe people who become so enamored with their vacation destination; they purchase the first condo they see, often without correct guidance or due diligence, and with a lot of problems along the way. In most cases, they end up regretting their decision, and return home with a disastrous experience, and a considerably lighter bank balance.

However, this doesn’t mean that your Caribbean dreams can’t become a reality. The important thing to do is to be sensible, use plenty of common sense, and make sure you take the guidance of a professional local expert to help you along. Ask yourself the following questions and keep your feet on the ground.

If you were in your hometown would you:

  • Consider buying a property without a title?
  • Not conduct the relevant due diligence?
  • Take a stranger’s word that everything is in full working order without checking yourself?
  • Not consult a lawyer to make sure all paperwork is done, as it should be?
  • Not ask upfront what fees you should be expecting to pay for the transaction?
  • Not check what current condo fees are or if there are any property taxes?
  • Buy the first house or apartment you see?
    Use an agent or representative without checking their background?

Hopefully the answer to all of these important questions is a firm NO! However, you’d be surprised how many people do exactly these things when buying abroad. This is where the danger lurks, and it’s when margarita fever has truly taken hold.

We are proud to say that the team at Punta Cana Lifestyles Real Estate has helped many clients realize their dreams. With expert local knowledge, professional contacts in all areas of living, plus multi lingual staff, we are the best, and most trusted in the area for a reason. We aren’t satisfied until you have exactly what you are looking for. We’ll make sure that your Punta Cana condo purchase is not only the right one, at the right price, but that the process is as easy and stress free as if you were back home. All of our properties have verified and clean titles, giving you complete peace of mind. Come and join our satisfied clients who are living in paradise as you read this, and enjoying every second!

So save the margaritas for the beach side bar, and contact your Punta Cana Lifestyles Real Estate professional today. We are ready and waiting with your exciting new tropical adventure, are you ready?

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