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Can you get a Second Home Loan in Dominican Republic

We’ve been getting a lot of calls from people confused about the regulations for non-residents around home loans in the Dominican Republic. So let’s clear this up.

First of all, the real estate industry in the Dominican Republic is unregulated, so you can imagine the sort of chaos and confusion that can lead to. Many agents who work here are simply unaware of the banking rules, and they’re not properly trained or knowledgeable enough to advise clients about financing. Many agents have never worked with the banks or are not authorized to work with banks.

So can I get a second home loan in the Dominican even though I don’t live there yet?

The answer is YES! Although the majority of our clients are usually cash buyers, or choose to finance the purchase of their Punta Cana home through or equity release of their property back home, currently around 15% prefer to opt for a Dominican mortgage instead.

Mortgages in Dominican Republic are considerably easier to obtain nowadays, with some banks offering Second Home Loans programs to residents of Canada, United Kingdom and United States- including Puerto Rico. Even so, lending criteria are still tighter than it once was. So you need to have your own finances in order – transparent, accurate, up-to-date and solvent obviously – it is also vital to seek expert, independent advice.

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