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Real Estate Agents: Full Time vs Part Time

Finding a full-time agent is a must in today’s battered market. The Punta Cana second home market is no exception. Real Estate is unregulated in the Dominican Republic, which means everyone can sell you a property- if you let them. Working with a Real Estate agent who works full time, means the difference of getting…

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Considering Relocating to Punta Cana

Considering Relocating to Punta Cana?

Are you considering a move to Punta Cana? Perhaps you are looking to purchase a business or are attracted to the quality of life to be found here. Our community is ripe for service related businesses in the real estate and tourism industry- and area overflowing with small town charm offering incredible infrastructure in terms…

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Blog Images Homeseller mistakes

Biggest Home Seller Mistakes

A recent survey of real estate agents by ActiveRain has confirmed that there are certain things a seller should avoid if they are trying to get their home sold for the best price in the least amount of time. This holds true in any market, even in Punta Cana. The results of this survey are…

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Blog Images Pre Approved vs Pre Qualified

Pre-Qualified vs Pre-Approved

There’s a world of difference between these two terms. If you’ve ever been confused by the two, we’ll bring you up to speed on how they differ. Pre-Qualified Getting pre-qualified is the initial step in the mortgage process, and it’s generally simple. You supply a bank or lender with your overall financial picture, including your…

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Blog Images Relocating to Punta Cana with School Aged Children

Relocating to Punta Cana with School Aged Children

Relocating to another country is an exciting prospect, with a wealth of new possibilities and adventures awaiting you. It can be daunting, though, and sometimes frightening for families. Your children’s reaction to moving to another country could be massive enthusiasm and excitement or a complete rejection of the idea and an unwillingness to leave their…

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Blog Images Jocelyn Ucedo REALTOR®

Jocelyn Ucedo tells us why she became a Real Estate Agent

“Do what you love.” How many people can actually have the opportunity to do that? Yet that is exactly what I have done. I started working in Real Estate after several years of working in New York City’s Garment Center. I have grown to love it, and to love the opportunities it has given me…

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Blog Images Online Marketing for Your Listing

Importance on Online Marketing for Your Listing!

We believe the most effective marketing tool to get your property out to as many potential buyers as quickly as possible, is via the Internet. We make sure each property is marketed through the correct channels, maximizing exposure and generating interest by the right prospects. The internet provides an opportunity, not only reaching the Punta…

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Blog Images What is Rent-to-own

What is Rent-to-own?

Rent-to-Own, also known as rental-purchase, is a type of legally documented transaction under which the property is leased in exchange for monthly payment, with the option to purchase at some point during the agreement. A rent-to-own transaction differs from a traditional lease, in that the lessee can purchase the leased item at any time during…

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