Property Management Services

Through efficient performance of functional areas of responsibility, Punta Cana Lifestyle Real Estate acts in the best interests of you, the owner, to maintain the property, keep it occupied with tenants, collect rents and maintain records. We specialize in long term rentals, offering a steady rental income. For Short term/ Vacation Rental Management contact us for local referrals.

Rental Properties We Manage
We don’t just manage ‘any’ property, we select the best properties, with good on-site common area maintenance and efficient condo management. We only accept to manage apartment condos and villas in secured resort areas with 24-hour security.

Our Commitment to You
► Tenants and Occupancy- Understanding the needs of the tenants is important. Getting them to move in is only the beginning. As property managers, we respond to their requests, monitor lease requirements, collect rent in a timely manner, and continually assess the tenants’ satisfaction of the property’s amenities. A rental property can be nicely designed and in a desired area, but it will not be a profitable rental property if not managed properly. Failure in any of these areas will result in dissatisfied tenants, lower occupancy rates and lower return on investment.

► Absentee Owners- If you would like us to manage your home while you are away, but are not interested in renting it out, we have a special rate available, which includes checking your property throughout the month, scheduled cleanings, bill payment and scheduled repairs as needed.

► Record Keeping- We keep complete files and records for your tax and legal needs over all your real estate property management activities. For reasons of liability, repair warranties and insurance, all activities and tenant interaction must be recorded and maintained.

From the moment your keys are available it makes sense to employ a property management company for management and maintenance. At Punta Cana Lifestyle Real Estate, we are your “eyes and ears”, taking care of your property while you are away.

Interested in our services?
If you have a property you would like to rent with our agency, your property should;
► be well priced for rental,
► be in a desirable condition, with no interior or exterior need of repairs,
► be located in a secure area,
► be in a well-kept, functioning condominium.

After our visit and property evaluation, and have decided it is of interest to our agency, you should submit the following documents;
► Proof of Ownership- You must establish Proof of Ownership with copies of the property’s Title and copies of Passports or Cedula of Property Owners, as listed on the title. If the property was purchased under a corporation, you must submit a copy of the ‘Registro Mercantil’ a legal document that shows the person signing is an authorized party in the corporation.
► Property Management Agreement- We must have an original, signed copy of our agreement and it must be notarized.


For more information, contact us at (809) 552-0421 or Email us at

Our office hours 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (Mon-Fri) EST.